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Curso instructor mindfulness online

Mexican institute for mindfulness

Translated as attention or mindfulness, this methodology helps us to live in the present, without being affected by past experiences or all the future events that we foresee will occur.  It is about living in the here and now, paying full attention to each action performed and being fully aware of everything we do. This helps us to live day by day, to avoid unwanted thoughts interfering in our mind and to be happy in every stage and moment of life.
You will learn step by step how to perform the exercises and techniques of which it is composed so that you can progressively assimilate all the knowledge. With this course you will also discover how to keep stress and anxiety at bay to prevent them from damaging our health and well-being. And in a course of this topic could not miss training related to the control of thoughts and emotions. You will learn how to dominate the unconscious to guide all actions and discard from our mind all those moments and images that we do not want to remember.

Accredited mindfulness training

I received an offer for the postgraduate course and when I looked for information and saw the syllabus it caught my attention and two days ago I finished it. It is a good program and the questions make it easy to understand, I have been able to meet great people in this period of time.
I think it is one of the best courses in terms of quality/price ratio. It is very well structured the agenda which makes it very easy to follow online and easy and clear understanding. Perhaps to have the option to download the syllabus to review some topics away from the computer, otherwise I do not see any drawbacks.
Very happy with the online course of visual merchandising and store decoration. I received the diploma the day after sending the proposed activities. The teacher of the course was very attentive and without problems. It is useful for me to find a job. It was worth it.
I enrolled in the course because I am studying for competitive examinations and, apart from the diploma for training merits, it is a topic that is very present nowadays, so I wanted to delve a little deeper. Considering my case, the order of the syllabus does not match and sometimes even repeats some terms, but I have to admit that the syllabus has many examples and makes it quite easy to understand what is in the law. I would like that at the end of each unit, or the course, you could download a pdf file with the syllabus, to consult it when I have doubts.

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Mindfulness educators international

Online Mindfulness Instructor Course. Get your diploma of 150 hours. Improve your resume with the most complete knowledge about mindfulness. Learn to guide others in the knowledge of this method so complete and positive with the best online course.
Learn to live in the present, improve our attention span, our ability to live our emotions in a positive way influencing all areas of our lives. Being a mindfulness monitor allows you to start a career path as interesting as enriching.
Online Course Mindfulness Monitor. The management of stress and emotions through mindfulness serves to improve our quality of life in all aspects. It improves our work performance, allows us to be happier in our personal life and take things more calmly. Living in the present with mindfulness is to enjoy every minute of our life.
Course aimed at anyone who wants to practice Mindfulness with the best preparation and also for those who want to be a monitor of this discipline and guide others.

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Mindfulness certification

The MBSR Instructor Professional Training Program is ACCREDITED by the International Mindfulness Teacher Association of the USA (IMTA).facilitating the MBSR Mindfulness program requires, in addition to knowing the MBSR program in depth, developing the ability to face one’s own suffering and that of others with mindfulness, compassion and wisdom. Cultivating these attitudes requires dedication, courage, insight and time; it is a cumulative but non-linear process. Therefore, our proposal is a modular program, combining instruction with teaching and meditation practice, both daily and in retreats, which allows the knowledge to be integrated into the personal experience of the teacher, thus gradually developing his or her competence as an instructor.It is a gradual process that requires a personal commitment to fulfill certain stages within a given time frame, which we estimate as follows:
After having completed the described activities, the aspirant can teach an 8-week MBSR course, or at least, a minimum of 20 face-to-face hours in presentations, workshops, Mindfulness seminars, before moving on to the next level. Once these activities have been completed, the aspiring MBSR instructor can move on to the next level.

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