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The fast pace of life that we sometimes have to lead makes us spend our time rushing and rushing. And often, no matter how much we organize ourselves, this stress comes back a little later or does not even disappear. This happens not because of our pace of life, but because we don’t know how to manage it.
It is a discipline that, although its heyday has been recent, has its origins in ancient contemplative traditions and in the inherent qualities of the human being, regardless of the context or cultural philosophy.
Mindfulness is paying attention, moment by moment, to the environment around us, our bodily sensations and thoughts, and accepting them without prior judgment. With Mindfulness, attention is focused on what we perceive, leaving aside the preoccupation with problems, their causes and consequences.
The course consists of 8 face-to-face sessions, the first of which is free, lasting 2 hours each, on a weekly basis. Students will be sent audiovisual material by e-mail, consisting of readings and audios, for learning and practice in an autonomous way.

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The practice of Mindfulness has its origins in Eastern meditation practices, such as vipassana meditation. It consists of being aware of what is happening to us at each moment, to maintain awareness in the here and now and live it with fullness and acceptance, without judgment.
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Some of the faculty members are:    Dr. Shauna Shapio (Santa Clara University), Dr. García Campayo (University of Zaragoza), Dr. Pollak (Harvard University), Vidyamala Burch (Breathworks UK), Dr. Luis Pascual (University of Alcalá), Dr. Demarzo (Federal University of Sao Paolo), Yolanda Garfia (El Rincón de Mindfulness), Fernando Torrijos (REBAP International), Dr. Bruno Carraça (University of Coimbra), Dr. Arias Vega (UCM), Dr. Campos (University of Zaragoza), Dr. Marcelo Demarzo (Federal University of Sao Paolo).
This Master brings together relevant personalities from the world of Mindfulness and the student takes a series of core subjects that will show in depth the theoretical, methodological and process knowledge of Mindfulness and mindfulness-based interventions.
The Master will include in its program both a three-day retreat and two days of urban retreat days, and finally, the student can choose between three optional modules: Mindfulness in education, Mindfulness in clinical interventions or Mindfulness in companies, through an open format of International Conferences.