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Mindfulness & Compassion (M&C) es la revista oficial del Máster de Mindfulness de la Universidad de Zaragoza (España). M&C se publica en formato electrónico e impreso y su periodicidad es semestral (ISSN: 2445-4079). La revista fue lanzada en 2016 y publica investigaciones originales teóricas, metodológicas y empíricas que abordan cuestiones relevantes para los clínicos e investigadores de mindfulness & compasión.
Originales/originalesEstudio piloto de la influencia de una intervención basada en mindfulness y autocompasión sobre la creatividad verbal y figurativa en estudiantes universitariosMiguel Bellosta-Batalla, Vicente Alfonso-Benlliure, Josefa Pérez-BlascoMindfulness & Compassion. 2017;2:55-63Acceso al texto completo
Revisión histórica de los conceptos utilizados para definir mindfulness y compasiónAngela Asensio-Martínez, Rosa Magallón-Botaya, Javier García-CampayoMindfulness & Compassion. 2017;2:86-91Acceso al texto completo
Artículos especiales/special articlesUn programa de entrenamiento en reducción del estrés basado en Mindfulness aumenta el bienestar psicológico, y la regulación emocional, pero no el rendimiento atencional. Un estudio pilotoLuis Heredia, Laia Gasol, David Ventura, Paloma Vicens, Margarita TorrenteMindfulness & Compassion. 2017;2:130-7Acceso al texto completo

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Professor of the Master of Mindfulness at the University of Zaragoza.  Expert in the implementation of Mindfulness Programs in companies.  Master in Coaching and Master Training in NLP by the University of California (Robert Dilts).
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The main objective of the Master in Mindfulness is to provide professional training in Mindfulness psychotherapy based on the most updated scientific evidence, oriented to professional and research training.
This own Master in Mindfulness is aimed at health, education or human resources professionals who will deepen their knowledge, technical, educational and clinical management, as well as research in Mindfulness.
The Master in Mindfulness is aimed at anyone, regardless of their profession, who wants to develop at a personal level and achieve the benefits that mindfulness practice produces for psychological and physical well-being.
Specifically, this study is especially suitable for graduates in Medicine, Psychology, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Primary, Secondary or University Education, Physical Education, Psycho-pedagogy, Coaching and Human Resources professionals, etc.


Mindfulness is an English word that we translate as “attention or mindfulness” and defines a state of mind, described in all traditions and cultures, consisting of “being attentive to the present moment with acceptance, without judgment”. The way to achieve this state of mind is through the practice of mindfulness. This is why “mindfulness” is also the name given to a so-called “third generation” psychotherapy, which is characterized by considering mental phenomena (thoughts, emotions) as private events unrelated to reality and which the individual can observe objectively, without identifying with them.
The structure allows students to decide whether to enroll only for personal growth (Specialization Diploma) or for a more professional purpose (Master in Mindfulness). In this case, the student can deepen in some of the following areas: a) Social and health care b) Education c) Business or d) Sports, but having a basic training in all of them. At the end of the Diploma, the student is able to know the basics of Mindfulness to apply them to himself/herself, obtaining all the benefits of regular practice. At the end of the Master, the student is able to teach mindfulness courses in any of the professional fields he/she has chosen.