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Clases de yoga en pamplona

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With all this, perhaps the most necessary thing today is to free ourselves from the shells, fears and dependence; to rediscover freedom, security, confidence and empowerment that our nature and group magic gives us.  RESERVE A PLACE
It really hasn’t been too long since life put us on the same path. At that time the roles seemed distant although the seed of Yoga germinates very quickly in a fertilized heart.

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Organize your week as you want, with a voucher or active plan you can attend the schedule and classes you want. Booking classes is very easy, once you sign up you only have to enter your username and password on our website or you can download the app. *Try to book in advance to make sure you have your place. If you can not attend the class you have the option to cancel your reservation up to 3 hours in advance and you will not lose the class. *Saturday classes may change according to the schedule of workshops or special sessions. You will see this in the schedule at the beginning of the week.

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This is a short verse by Alberto Sáiz, author of “Yo Soy Diosa” and “Yo Soy Dios”, who is coming to Pamplona at the beginning of March. It is a privilege to have him visit us again. Do not miss it, it is pure joy.
We will learn to synchronize the movement with the breath, so that we can adjust each Asana with our own body movement. Modulate the intensity we apply to each posture, so that we are able to suppress residual and unnecessary tension from our practice.
Suitable for yoga practitioners, dancers and even those who have not practiced yoga or dance but feel the music and want to explore a little more in their movement possibilities and boost their personal evolution.
To be honest, I don’t know where to start trying to explain what she does or how excited I am to have her here. Her presence adds a new element of art to Poise and I’m sure I’m going to drive her crazy asking questions and looking over her shoulder while she draws and works. As someone who has always been fascinated by fashion and interior design, it’s a dream come true to have a real professional in these fields sharing our space.

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Más de dos décadas de práctica me han traído hasta aquí, la más reciente como profesor tras formarme durante 5 años en la Escuela Nacional, Sadhana. El yoga es una de mis mayores pasiones, desde mis 20 años he tenido la suerte de experimentar sus beneficios en mi propia práctica y como profesor de yoga.
He impartido clases regulares semanales a un amplio abanico de personas diferentes (discapacitados intelectuales, ancianos, grupos de edades mixtas) así como he dirigido retiros de fin de semana a grupos grandes (de 30 a 40 personas).
Además, me he formado a lo largo de dos años en un Método de Realización Postural muy eficaz (Método Rípodas) y llevo 7 años realizando sesiones individuales y clases en grupo. Este tiempo de experiencia me permite leer eficazmente los desequilibrios del cuerpo y proponer prácticas que puedan corregir estos desequilibrios. Permitiendo así un mejor funcionamiento del cuerpo.
Nuestra propuesta es una adaptación a las necesidades modernas de las técnicas de Yoga Milenario que nacieron en la India. Me apasiona la fusión entre los conocimientos de las antiguas tradiciones con nuestra ciencia moderna.